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Property Maintenance

BlackThumb Services, Inc. offers more than just wildlife removal! 

Property Maintenance

Do you stay awake at night waiting, mind racing? Are you asking yourself:

“Is tonight the night my smoke detector runs out of batteries? Where is my ladder? Oh yeah, we need new a/c filter, dang also my water filter in my fridge needs changing, and that light-bulb that blew in the living room.”

Great News! We can handle all that and more!

BlackThumb Services’ property maintenance technicians can handle a wide variety of services allowing you to free up your brain space take back your leisure time. Some of the services we provide are:

Lock changes and lockbox installation

Do you need to have a temporary lockbox installed to allow limited access to your property? Do you need a new lock to keep out that obnoxious ex, or just want to replace that old rusty knob with a shiny new one? Either way we have you covered!

Filter replacements

Worried about dirty air, cloudy water, a gunky spa? Regardless the device, A/C, water and refrigerator, pools and spas, if it has a filter we will regularly inspect and replace or clean as needed.

Bulb replacement

If your dreading climbing that ladder to replace that blown bulb or if you are simply too busy to swing by the store for that reading lamp, just give us a call. Our techs will be glad to help you shed a little light on the situation and take care of that for you.

Handyman Services

Sagging soffits? Damaged doorstop? BlackThumb Services can fix that! We offer a wide variety of basic handyman services and repairs.

We service ALL your home and property maintenance needs! We also service commercial and industrial sites! Give BlackThumb Services, Inc. a call at 833-WILDPRO for a quote.